Code of the NAVY SWCC Guardian

Relentlessly Vetted and Committed With unwavering dedication, I pledge my allegiance to my country, my Navy, and my comrades. I stand accountable for every step I take and every decision I make, both amid the waves and on solid ground. I am not merely a follower, but a pacesetter, upholding and raising the bar of excellence. My vessel, my gear, and my very being are always primed for the challenges that lie ahead, ensuring peak readiness at every moment.

SWCC Ethos

When our nation’s peace is disrupted, an esteemed fraternity of Sailors rises to the occasion, whether from the vast expanses of the deep blue or the intricate labyrinth of shallow tributaries. With unwavering commitment, they shield the ideals of liberty, rendering service marked by honor and distinction. I wear my badge with immense pride, for I am one among these dedicated Sailors.

As a Special Warfare Combatant-craft Crewman, I embody the essence of professionalism and discretion. Time and again, I have been tested, and with every trial, my dedication to maritime special operations has only been fortified. I stand as a beacon of discipline, brimming with self-assurance and an indomitable spirit.

My honor is immaculate; my integrity, steadfast. My dedication knows no bounds, and my promise is a sacred bond. The citizens of America entrust me with their safety and their freedom, and I pledge to execute my duties with unmatched professionalism and unwavering resolve.