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The Foundation for Navy SEAL Veterans helps operators, no matter their geographic location or military status, seeking education about life after service to our country.

Learning is nothing new, but using the experiences of other trusted teammates, the Foundation has developed a variety of educational services that will help operators move seamlessly into civilian life. Many of our educational services are aimed at areas either vastly different between military life and civilian life, or have been wholly unused in military life. These services are offered not just to the operator, but their families as well, since the transitional process is felt by everyone in the family.

Utilizing the established networks and resources of the Foundation, partners, and former teammates, we will offer operators, veterans, and their families ways to learn everything from household skills to money management. We will also help them learn the things they will need when deciding to buy a home, a car, plan for college, as well as, finding the right paperwork to fill out to ensure they receive all the benefits they have earned. Many of these services may seem simple, however for someone who is making the huge lifestyle change faced by many operators, doing these things alone can be a daunting task. The Foundations’ aim is to be a guide the operators receive everything they need and have earned.

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